Thursday, 10 August 2017

"Busy doing nothing"

Let's start with last night's Shakespeare -Titus Andronicus.  Chatting to so some fellow watchers, I found out that the play was extremely gory and includes a rape scene which, in other productions, had been so graphic that women had fainted.  Let's just say that I watched - apprehensively and, sometimes, behind my hand!  However the acting was superb, the story and language easy to follow and, most importantly, I am glad that I saw the play.

Today has been a day of "secrets".  A trip to Grimsby, but I cant tell you why!  A visit to some friends - but  can't say why - are you getting the picture?  Let's just say that, when I got home, I enjoyed the sunny weather and walked the dogs  before making up some more cake mixes fr the gala on Sunday - and leave my day at that!!

On a more positive note - I have managed to book the hotel for the 2018 Festival Of Quilts - how organised am I?  Mind you - the one I wanted was fully booked!!! Now I just need to start saving up!  Next August is shaping up to be rather expensive.

Today I have a date with some relaxing handsewing - getting back to basics always soothes my soul!