Friday, 11 August 2017

A day of normality

Firstly apologies for no photos - for some reason my compute is not playing ball!

Well, after a day of secrecy, today has returned to normality ...... or what passes as normal around here!  After the usual tidy round and hoover, it was time to deal with the disaster that I like to call my craft room.  I like to say that a messy room belies a creative mind - but even I have a point beyond which I can't create!  So - one bin bag later, plus more scraps cut and sorted - the craft room now looks a tad more usable (well for a few minutes at least!)

Next on the agenda was my front drive - it is full of cracks and, more importantly, full of weeds growing in said cracks.  Well, like the dead parrot sketch - they are no more!

On a rare sit down, Mum phoned.  When I popped round yesterday I ordered her a "Two Together Rail card" - now that they live so much closer to the rail station, they are going to try using it more - the two together card knocks 33% off an already discounted price meaning that they can both travel to Meadowhall, for example, next week for around £25 - its hardly worth getting the car out at that price!  Anyway the card arrived today so I sat down and ordered the train tickets out for her and printed them out at home - ain't technology wonderful?

After a lunch of my current favourite - lean corned beef quiche with side salad - and, of course, the compulsory nap, it was off out with the dogs before starting to sort out the crafting for tonight.  Tonight is the only prom that I put in my diary - it's the John Wilson Orchestra performing my favourite musical of all time - Oklahoma - BBC 4 at 8pm (just in case you want to watch it!).  Whenever I watch The John Wilson Orchestra in a prom I find myself smiling - it's a real treat and one that I am planning to really savour!  If I said that the planned dinner to accompany it was Slimming World Fish and chips, perhaps you will see what I mean! (If you have never heard of him then look him up - he is a young geordie man who loves old musicals but found that, often, the scores didn't exist so he has listened and watched each musical many times to get the score written down and preserved for the future - each performance is as a result of a real labour of love!

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  1. Might have to watch that on catch up! Sorting never ends does it!