Thursday, 3 August 2017

Workshop day - minus 2

Not that I am getting excited and totally bypassing my birthday tomorrow of course!

Mum and Dad were bringing their guests over today for lunch so t was all systems go - getting the house and lunch ready.  I had planned a SW friendly lunch with some additions from Mr Tesco's that Mum and Dad could take back out of temptations way when they went.  Let's just say that there was more than enough food!

After lunch, and it was warm, both of the men disappeared for a lengthy snooze (they had been up early apparently sorting Dad's garden out) whilst the ladies retreated to the she cave for some catch up time.

All too soon, it was time to go - Mum and Dad were taking the doggies back with them whilst I am away (the house sitter would rather not have that responsibility) - and I could get down to the serious side of packing - my case, my birthday gifts and presents (thank you so much if there is one there from you) and, of course, the essential sewing supplies!

I wonder if I will be able to sleep tonight - hmmmmm!!  Tomorrow Wendy and I set off on our adventure - stopping off first at The Bramble Patch before heading to the hotel.  (I'm just a tad excited and Wendy wants to set off NOW!!)

On a totally different note, my evidence for my first medal was accepted and it should be here some time next week!!


  1. Well done on the medal, and being the hostess with the mostess! You will have to wait till you see us for our pressie

  2. No problems - I will be like the queen - having multiple birthdays!

  3. The wine's packed 🥂🍾