Thursday, 17 December 2015

Sometimes reality lives up to expectations

I have spent much of today travelling down to stay with family for Christmas. The journey takes around 7 hours and was trouble free - which is, of course, good but hardly exciting to write about.

After arriving, having a cuppa and emptying the car I decided to give mum and dad their main present early - don't fret there's method in my madness.

I had bought mum a kindle fire - her iPad is losing charge quickly and she loves her Internet / emails etc.  Giving her it early means that I can set it up for her.

But my real reason for the early gifts was to give Dad his present - a doulton vase made and painted by his Grandmother - Ellen Palmer.  Dad has been looking for a piece of her pottery for some time and I was pretty sure that he would be blown away that I managed to find something  - I guess that the tears were a give away that he was pleased.  The vase is now on a windowsill and he keeps looking at it- mission achieved!


  1. Glad you got there with no problems. Have been waiting all day for the opening of your present to your Dad, I'm glad it went well and that they are both chuffed with their gifts. You can now relax and enjoy, happy Christmas to you all xx

    1. Thanks - merry Christmas to you and Nigel. X

  2. That was a long journey!
    Now time to relax and enjoy Xmas, no more post it notes!
    Glad your dad enjoyed his present

  3. Who's a clever girl then :) Glad you are there safe and sound x