Sunday, 13 August 2017

Well -when the mood strikes you!

Having moaned (a lot) about not sleeping, I must report that I am sleeping fabulously at the moment and am regularly don't wake up until gone 7:30 / nearly 8am - oops!  It still feels a bit naughty!

Anyway, today was the same - but church wasn't until 10:30am so made it - phew!  Sadly we had no organist today so  was put in charge of the cd player - rather scarily!  However I think we sane the correct hymns to the correct tunes!  I would also add that someone brought in some punnets of blackberries to sell for 50p each - cue three of them wending their way to Mum's freezer!

After a  short meeting (plus cuppa and biccie) to discuss a forthcoming fund raiser, it was home to let the pooches out before turning around and going out to a local gala.  You may recall the cake mixes?  Well today I volunteered to help man the stall between 2:30pm and 4pm.  Fortunately we managed to sell out of everything (well, there may just be a fruit cake heading towards Mum's freezer for an impending visit from family!) before then and so was packed up and home by 4!!  And that's where the inspiration in the title struck!  Those of you with elephant memories may recall that I bought two tins of paint to paint my front fences last year - and then only completed one!  Well, with the sun out and a cool breeze, I can now report that I have been outside for nearly two hours making a start on the front fence.  It doesn't look much, to be honest, (curse those picket fences)  but my aim is to complete it by the end of the week - if I can dodge the showers of course!

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  1. The dreaded painting jobs....will look lovely when its done though!