Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The Dunkirk Spirit

The day started brightly (although we are now heading towards another thunder storm) and so I took advantage of the bright weather and continued the deep clean of the conservatory  followed, of course, by some well earned time in front of the sewing machine!  I had had an early shock anyway - I realised, at 6:30am, that I had forgotten to put the rather overflowing bin out so raced downstairs to put it out - just in time, phew!

Being a Tuesday, however, it was soon time to pop to the cinema.  Not, this time, for the Senior Screen but to watch Dunkirk.  I had heard such good things about it and was truly moved - both by the stupidity of war, the seeming-less futility that the soldiers stranded on the beach must have felt and the courage of the small ships - many of whom returned for more than one trip knowing what they were returning to.  I agree with the reviewers - this is a film which everyone should see - especially our youngsters!  I understand that it was made for a 12A audience so that this aim could be achieved!

On our way to the cinema , Jean and I stopped off at B & Q.  Jean wanted to return a saw whilst I, erm, needed some more plastic boxes.  I think that  may just have gone a tad overboard but, in my defence, I now need to organise the fabric out for the mountain of projects ahead of me and plastic boxes help me to sort!  I dream of being so sorted that I have all the fabric I need for each project in the right box - and don't have to buy any more - dream on!!!!

Home again, and its the final assault on the conservatory amidst the downpour - who says that my life isn't glamorous?  All I need now is to remember to put the green bin out tonight, and the rain to stop,  and life will be good!

Foodwise, everything is bang on track -Jean and I even took a SW picnic to the cinema and sat outside in the sunshine to eat it before we went in - well, it saves on the temptation now doesn't it?


  1. There is a real fetish for storage boxes in the family isn't there!! Look forward to seeing the film when its downloadable on the TV.