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Thursday, 19 May 2016

My "the mortgage is finished" present arrives .......

Let's start with the weigh in this morning.  When I did slimming world I could lose a lot the first week - mainly water of course - the second week would struggle to lose any and then it would settle down into a regular loss.  Unbelievably, this week I lost 4 pounds which makes 16 in total from the 5:2 diet over two weeks, over three stone since I retired and, four and a half stone weight loss overall.  Not too shabby then!  I just wish that I started 5:2 earlier - but never mind.  I have taken measurements and have lost a total of 4 1/2 inches overall.  I will take that, thank you.

So - onto today.  Sewingbuddy suggested that I celebrate the mortgage issue today.  However I am going out for a meal tonight with the WI so, as a strategy, I have looked online at the menu, chosen my dishes and then entered them into My Fitness Pal.  It won't be accurate because the figures are generic but it's better than just ignoring it.  Now I know that I should be picking healthy salads but ............. they have steak pie on the menu and I always order that!  This is a long way round to saying that my celebrating consisted of a mini battenberg - cut into slices to make it go further.  Mind you - it was nice!

Today was mainly sorting and tidying.  I had finished my sewing machine block last night so put the blocks together to see how they are going.  There will be a plain dull red in-between each block to draw it all together and it should be big enough to go over the bed upstairs once the room is decorated.  This is only a quarter of the blocks!  Mind you today's is ultra difficult so that might come to my sewing class on Saturday so that she can give me a hand!

When I was out with Wendy in Nottingham I picked up some Esiyo sachets.  I used to use these but had lapsed so decided it was time to get the yoghurt maker out again.  Consequently there's some lovely smelling Apricot yoghurt "cooking" as we speak.  Hopefully it will be set by the time I get in tonight so that I can put it in the fridge and chill it for breakfast tomorrow.

So - onto my present which arrived this afternoon.  Sewingbuddy hoped that it would be a scan and cut but I'm afraid there's only one woman in my life to please - my mother!  I treated myself to a new ipad and she will have my old one.  When I told her last night she was highly delighted.  She has my original one but there's an issue with the battery so its time that she got an upgrade -even if she has to wait until I see her next.  So that was my afternoon sorted then.


  1. Soooo!! Excited about the iPad, the old one I have got keeps going to sleep!!!! And losing things!!! Thank you so muchxxxx
    Well done on the diet, you don't get your will power from me, that's for sure. Enjoy tonight. Xxxx

  2. Well done with the weight loss.
    Very disappointed it wasn't a scan an cut

    I would have thought you would have been better off pleasing your mother , by giving her the new iPad ?
    Love the case, is it an iPad Air or a mini?

    Enjoy your steak pie- you earned it.

    1. It's the mini iPad. As for buying mum a new iPad - I wouldn't want Dad to get jealous now would I?

  3. Love the case! What a perfect pressie to give to yourself and the recycled one will be very much loved and appreciated for sure :)
    Well done on the weight loss...almost half way there!

  4. Now that's a thought sewing buddy!!!!!!

  5. Now - why do I feel ganged up on?