Sunday, 10 January 2016

D - Day (Daisy Day)

Before I talk about today I must just mention the passing of Ed Stewart yesterday.  "Stewpot" was a part of my life - from hosting Junior Choice, to his sunday evening shows and, latterly, to his Junior Choice specials on Christmas Day.  In fact I listened to him this Christmas Morning - he was just someone that you took for granted would always be there and it was a real shock to hear of his passing.  I can only be pleased that he didn't suffer for long and be grateful for those smiles he gave me as he played "classics" such as "Sparky's Magic Piano" and "My Bruvver".

So "auntie" Wendy and I set off his morning to bring Daisy home.  As you will be aware, she is an Apricot Cockapoo and behaved very well in the car - sat on Wendy's knee.  I introduced her to Millie - leaving her on the floor for Millie to sniff and letting the dogs find their own way - Daisy did - straight behind a cardboard box and into hiding.  When coaxed out of there she made for the coal scuttle - again somewhere where she though that she would be safe!  Millie, however, was brilliant - she just wanted to play - but there was no aggression.  In fact the only dog to bark was Daisy!

Thinking that she needed some time to become acclimatised, I let Daisy sit next to me on the sofa - she climbed behind me and went to sleep!

After I got up, she made herself comfortable and slept some more.

Eventually I put her in her bed and she slept for ages - after having some lunch and some water.

We have only had one accident so far in the conservatory - she did her business after she woke up in the garden.

Verdict so far - she is very wary of Millie, which is to be expected - and she is far too cute!

Foodwise - everything is on track and was good yesterday.  Sorry that I didn't report back - something as on m mind!


  1. Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh dear!!!!! I thought you were going to start as you mean to go on!!! Sleeping on the sofa already. Well well well. She is cute though. Xxxxx

  2. Daisy is just so sweet! So hard not to spoil them when they are so cute! Christine x