Monday, 30 April 2018

The downside of losing weight!

So, it's Monday and - Guess What - it's Textile Group!  Today we were doing a  multitude of tasks.  Me?  I was finishing my 7th and final toiletry bag

Starting to lay out and fix in place my first Christmas block

and heading towards the finishing straight with the final Scamblesby block.

Back home and it was the last bits of ironing for the cruise - look at all these labels that have had to be cut off from my new clothes!!  It's a very pleasant downside to weight loss!

I always knew that I wasn't likely to lose any weight this week - what with my pre-holiday celebrations - and so wasn't surprised to maintain.  I won't even begin to predict how much weight will go back on once I am on the cruise - someone tried to tell me that they lost weight on a cruise - REALLY?????  What is more important is that I have a good time and then get back on that bike!

Tomorrow it's glamour time - hairdressers / manicure / pedicure!  Then, finally, I can begin to pack!! I also need to speak to the house sitter and sort out the minor details like the bins going out etc!

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