Sunday, 5 July 2015

Matilda learns to swim

Today started well - I was due to spend the day at L & C fabrics to do a bag workshop so I packed a healthy lunch.

The day was very enjoyable - if a little too warm.  I managed to finish my bag - almost  - but there is some unpicking and resewing to do yet!!  The bag boasts 24 pockets although the knitters out there may want more and smaller pockets for knitting needles.  The journey home was a lovely sunny evening drive and I looked forward to finishing the bag and some leisurely ironing.

Then I stepped in the house.  Within 15 minutes there was thunder and lightening followed by a downpour that was so heavy I couldn't hear myself think in the conservatory.  Because the conservatory is so long the gutter between the house and the room cannot be reached without going on the roof so, once a year, I pay someone to do just that - usually in the autumn.  Clearly there must be debris up there if I go by the flood that now describes the conservatory.  Water poured through every little opening that it could find - cascading off the dresser, pouring onto the green crates and knocking Matilda into the pond that used to be the conservatory floor! Even the box of silk chocolates had so much water that I had to pour it out!  Then, as quickly as it started, the rain finished and the clear up started - I need to go and lie down in a darkened room!! 

Guess that I need to calm down by doing some ironing (who ever said that phrase throughout history!!)  This is the result of a wardrobe sort out looking at what clothes I have for my holidays - its amazing how mundane jobs give you such comfort.  I really don't know what I would do I my house was properly flooded.

Post note - I have just popped out for a magnum (medicinal you understand - for shock!) and there is smoke billowing from the ground near the cemetery - it has a nasty burning smell and men are gathered on the other side of the road talking about it.  They suspect its electrical and are ringing the power company but I have never seen anything like it.  Armageddon anyone?


  1. Oh yikes, that's awful!! Having had flooding on and off for a year or so in my sons bedroom, I can sympathise! Its such a helpless feeling to see water pouring through onto your furniture!
    We also get flooding in the conservatory from time to time because the drain for the entire house is out there, so if something blocks it ( plastic bag falling down the back of the washing machine for example!) when the bath is emptied, or the dishwasher/washing machine empties...all the water floods the conservatory. Its such a depressing sight to come into and see the mat floating! Thankfully the conservatory is on two levels so the furniture doesn't get damaged when such disasters occur.
    The bag looks great :)
    Hoping there isn't any lasting damage in there.

    1. don't think there will be - as you say it happens at least once a year and I could move the sofas out of the way - just depressing!

  2. Especially after all your hard work! Talk about bad timing!

  3. Oh dear what a shame. I did wonder why you were later than usual with your blog. A horrible end to what seemed a lovely day. A magnum was the perfect medication!! Xxxxx