Friday, 3 July 2015

Bring me sunshine .....

Towards the end of last year Chris Evans had a public vote to decide which song should be played every Friday after the 8am news.  Despite strong opposition, my ring tone "Bring Me Sunshine" was chosen.  Since the 1st January I have made it my mission to listen in every Friday at 8am - yes even when at work the radio was turned on - and have listened to the tune - it just makes me smile!  So - when I woke up at 7:40am I decided to take advantage of the dogs being quiet and just lie in bed listening to radio.  That laid back attitude has really set the tone of the day - and I am beginning to think it might be every Friday at this rate!

But - before we deal with today - lets go back to the scones v WI.  I am pleased to say that they nearly all went with one member commenting on how the apricot cut through the marzipan - I will take that as a compliment!

So - back to today.  This morning I set off with a car load to the tip.  I forgot that they recycle everything and hadn't sorted the bags out - but the nice young men emptied the boot and then started going through the bags!  Next step was the monthly blood test at the hospital to monitor the temporal arteritis (which seems to be behaving itself now that I have left the stress of work behind) before moving onto a little shopping.  I had an online order delivered at 10pm last night - so why did I forget some stork?

View of the lane - the house is behind the rubbish bins
Well - I couldn't take a picture of the house itself!
Next on the itinerary for the day was some detective work.  My parents are considering a move to the area and are looking at house details - but there's only so much that you can see online.  So I was dispatched to check this property out to see if there was any problems with the area etc.  Suffice it to say that it is in a lovely rural location with an open field for a view!  Home was then via the strawberry farm shop and the churchyard where our fantastic volunteers were mowing the lawn and sorting out the drains - I took refreshments - albeit shop bought this time. In conversation they remembered the beetroot and seed cake though.

Once home it was a light salad lunch in the garden and a read of a Cathy Kelly book before starting the next project - a Dresden plate clock.  I saw the idea on facebook and thought - why not.  If it goes wrong then I've just wasted a bit of fabric and my time.  I am hoping to finish it tonight and show you tomorrow.  However I was delighted to see that the fabric I bought in spalding has now done the table runner, the drawer topper, the clock and there should be enough to make a patchwork style "trinket tray" - value for money I would say.  If you want to make one for yourself then follow the link and move forward to around 24 minutes in.

updated:- clock finished - ta da!!

Finally its confession time.  My mother was asking me what I was buying myself as a retirement present and I have toyed with the idea of a felting machine or an overlocker.  Instead (and my excuse is that the cost of the drains yesterday was a lot lower than I thought it would be) I have just ordered two opening roof windows for the conservatory.  As some of you are aware my bedroom is off the conservatory and does not have any windows other than the French windows into the conservatory.  Living in a bungalow I am reluctant to leave the windows open when I am out but clearly need to get some air into the room.  These should sort it out - and I get a free brass winder!!!!


  1. The older you get the more sensible you are getting!!! My training has not gone unrewarded. 2opening roof windows versus an over locker!!! No contest. Well done. Looking forward to seeing the fabric clock, sound interesting, however I couldn't get the link to the trinket tray, I was obviously doing something wrong.
    I think you should curtail your spending for a little while though, my present husband heard this afternoon he may get his appointment to see the consultant (who will be doing the surgery) next week, and the surgery could be in August. We have calculated how much it will cost for me to stay nearby and for the dog to go into kennels! Eye watering. Never mind 'all will be well' xxxxxx

  2. Depending on when in August - I can come down and look after the dog - one less bill! Easier than curtailing the spending!!

  3. Loving the look of the clock, what a great idea! I wish our men at the tip were as kind as yours! Ours watch you struggle without any offer of help, certainly wouldn't come and take stuff out of the car and sort it!
    "Cut through marzipan??" The only thing needed to cut through marzipan is teeth! However apricot and marzipan is a perfect marriage :)
    The windows will be a boon! But then an overlooker does make clothes look so professional!

    1. I know - but I don't make enough clothes at the moment to justify it - maybe next year!

  4. You and happy mum have overly full lives - I think you both need to slow down!

  5. I can't even conceive matching Happymum!! However if you wrote a blog you would be amazed at what you actually do in a day!

  6. Get up, go to work, come home - that's about it! Sometimes we visit one hospital or another!

  7. Get up, have beakfast, get caught in a traffic jam , talk to x & y - so the story goes on .........