Wednesday, 1 July 2015

We just don't know what to do with ourselves mum!

Today started warm - but the benefit of living on the east coast is the sea breeze.  Katie and Millie, however, just seemed to spend all day sleeping wherever they felt was the coolest - clearly the tiles in the conservatory or kitchen were favourite areas!

I decided that today would be another day of getting on top of jobs which could be done in cool areas and sitting down!  Hence this untidy area of the kitchen where I spent time painting the second create before lining it with fabric.  The window was open so there was a pleasant breeze coming in.

Before and after - yes the diagonals were deliberate!
I alternated that job with tidying the sewing room before moving on with trusted staple gun to covering the dining chairs.  Using my stash again I found a stripy green fabric which also has strands of red running through it to tie the room together.

Look how much the sun has bleached the fabric!

So - I have a nearly tidy sewing room (well - that might be egging the pudding a little but I can use the cutting table - just about), a painted and lined crate filled with the rest of the serving dishes etc and four covered dining chairs.  All that was left to do was to tidy around and make some more marzipan and apricot scones ready for the "stitch and sew" group coming round tonight, before flopping down on the sofa to enjoy a sewing programme on create and craft ( Freesat 813, Freeview 36 for those who say they cannot get it).  Looking forward to autumn already!!

Talking about the scones - they were a hit last night with Margaret declaring them "lovely".  With some of them asking for the address of this blog I must be careful what I say but the scones did go down well.  Tonight's offering also have some almond essence added - I wasn't so sure that came through enough with the marzipan.  There may also be enough spares to take to the WI meeting tomorrow night!

Finally - the unveiling of the stepping stones continues.  ME declared that there was one at the peak of the shadow - I am not so sure that this photo is taken at the same angle, same time of day etc - but she could be right!!


  1. I really love the look of your crates. Where did you get them?
    Poor pooches! Our cats had the same trouble!
    The stepping stones to me look like they go from the right hand side ( edge of door) past the rotary line.
    Red is very unforgiving in sun isn't it!

  2. The crates came from Dad - I have had them a number of years but they were looking well past their best and the open sides let lots of dust and dog hairs in. It was ME that suggested lining them.
    The stepping stones do curve around to the right and will, when I find them , go from the steps to the "patio"!
    You're right about red but it could also be because it was quite cheap fabric - the sofas have faded but not as much.

  3. Another productive day despite the heat. The chairs look so much better! Well done with the crates, not sure if you remember but Dad made the crates to put one my Christmas presents in.(I can't remember what it was - but I loved the crates.!)
    I am wondering how the scones went down tonight. I made a fat less sponge this morning to take to my present husbands elder sibling, filled it fresh cream and home grown strawberries , but as I was putting in the tin I thought how mean it would have been of me to subject her to a whole cake!! So I only gave her half, we had to eat some of the other half tonight when we got home!! How considerate was that!! Xxxx

    1. The scones went down well - the remainder are going to the WI tonight - eek!!

  4. You thoughtfulness and love knows no bounds!

  5. I agree - how can we match up to ME's bountiful kindness!!