Monday, 31 July 2017

An unexpected treat

So, the sun was shining, and I awoke refreshed - game on!  The kitchen was the first to be tackled, along with some more conservatory window washing, followed by some hoovering (Dad's dog drops more hair than the hoover can cope with!)

Then, with some well earned "me time", it was time to turn the sewing machine on and start a Christmas present.  Can't say what but the recipient may spot a useful fabric or two!  Of course I was interrupted by the Tesco delivery - but, in this positive frame of mind, who cares!

By now the morning had sped by and it was time to head off for Slimming World.  After the holiday I was not expecting a loss - and was correct - I gained 5 1/2 pounds.  However I had a good time and am now right back on track (in truth the gain was much worse on Saturday morning but the swift cation has helped to minimise the damage!)  I have always been philosophical about last week and the forthcoming weekend (I am away again for my birthday).  I new they were coming but refuse to become a food bore for a few days when I know that swift action will remedy the situation - and the long goal to lose 5 stone by November 9th is still in sight!  On a more positive note, however I have come away with a free marrow (fortunately I was cooking some mince in the slow cooker so will have stuffed marrow for tea) and a bag of "Chulmleys" - apparently they are a cross between cherries and plums!

Tonight I hope to do some more with the Christmas present, whilst adding to the low step count whilst tea is cooking - trying to multi task!!


  1. Mmm chumleys sound lovely and free too!

  2. Christmas craft presents - I remember knitting lots of mini stockings for the Reception classes over 3 years. I started them in the September ready to be filled with chocolate coins, chocolate lolly and candy cane. Each had a gift tag, hole punched and attached with sparkly thread. They were made from recycling last years Christmas cards.
    Happy days!