Tuesday, 30 June 2015

phew - what a scorcher!!

Isn't that the usual headline on a day like today?

I woke up to the alarm at 7 am and it was already hot outside.  Jean and I had planned to go to the Senior Screen in Cleethorpes.  Its not really just for OAP's - anyone can go but its a 10:30am showing - with a choice of three films - for the price of £4 which includes coffee, biscuits and a raffle - can't be sneezed at!!  It was also a nice, air conditioned, setting - just right for today!

Our choice of film was Thomas Hardy's "Far from the madding crowd" - a lovely traditional film with a happy ending - bless!  We then went on to Tesco's for lunch in their new carvery - a roast beef and salad sandwich for me with wholemeal bread and no butter - go me!  In fact we had such a goodtime that we said this should be a regular date - trying a new eating place each time.  Since next week is my "no Meat" challenge week (thanks Mike!) we're planning fish (and chips in Jean's case) on the beach - if the weather holds.  Whilst I was in Tesco's I picked up a recipe card that Happymum might be interested in - Griddled watermelon with lime and mint sugar.

By the time we got home the temperature, according to the car, had risen to 28.5 degrees and it was time for a sit down in the shade - but there were the scones to be made.  Before I could get started there was a knock at the door from Lizzie, my old PA, wanting a signature.  You can never really escape work can you? 

However - back to the scones.  If you recall this week's challenge was to create and trial a new scone recipe - so I came up with the idea of making marzipan and apricot scones.  They look okay but it was strange to see the marzipan oozing out everywhere!  The test will come tonight at the sewing class - I will report back tomorrow but will be interested to see what Margaret says about this cake - she's still raving about the beetroot and seed cake!

Finally it was time to do today's 15 minute tidy up of the sewing room - forgot to mention that I did that yesterday.  Having broken one scone apart for the picture I will admit to tasting it without butter - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  (smacking lips!)  Well - I couldn't risk poisoning Margaret now could I?


  1. Mmmm sounds wonderful!! Does the marzipan flavour come through ok or do you think a splash of almond essence is needed? Cant get enough almond flavour in my humble opinion!
    Loving the look of that watermelon!! That just has to be tried this week.
    Well done on the 15mins tidy up! Little chunks is the only way to cope with things sometimes aye

  2. I am making them again tomorrow and I will add a dash of almond flavour - I cut the marzipan into small pieces so when you come across a piece you get a woosh of almond - otherwise not a lot. Like you I love almond!

  3. You seem to have had a good day - again. Your silver screen visit was certainly value for money, well worth doing again. Shame the weather is so hot, not really conducive to baking, however they do seem to have come out well, nicely risen as well. Did you go to the same Tesco's that we went to at Easter? That was good, I suppose they will roll that out to all their stores eventually. Xx

    1. Yes I did - it was £7.25 for the large carvery sandwich with unlimited salad / veg and unlimited diet coke - so not bad value - and air conditioned!

  4. The scones sound great. Tried your beetroot seed cake - went down really well in our house group last night. Been looking at corgette and lemon cake and parsnip, pecan and coconut cake - both sound great!

  5. My other half wants to know what your yoghurt ice creams were like?

  6. I had one today - nice but a bit large to eat - would have been better in a slimmer mould - otherwise it melts too fast.

  7. Well you know what...I was going to mention that...the ones I do for the kids are either in the long pouches, or are the small fromage frais size.....I was trying to imagine how it would work trying to bit into a regular size yogurt...clearly not easy then!