Thursday, 8 March 2018

Feeling crafty!

So - let's start with yesterday.  To be truthful I wasn't sure what to expect from a WI annual meeting - and slightly groaned inwardly when we started with minutes proposals and accounts proposals etc - but it was actually a very enjoyable and informative day. In the morning we heard about different ventures that our federation were involved with and, in the afternoon, listened to Phillipa Langley about her discovery of Richard 111.  Much of the information wasn't new - I had read her book - but it was wonderful to hear a woman talk passionately about her dream and her journey and then the achievement of that dream!  Her next project is to try and discover the real truth about "the princes in the tower" - the ones that Richard 111 is believed to have killed.  Apparently there are some "bones in an urn" in Westminster Cathedral that have been scientifically proved to be those of young boys related to Richard's sister,  However it has also been proved that these bones are not related to Richard 111 - strange?  Watch this space I guess!

Today was a lovely day at home (well, I did go to Pilates last night so deserve a treat - right?) - so I indulged myself and set to with the sewing machine.  It has felt, recently, that I had spent a lot of time assembling "kits" but hadn't made much - today, the tide is turning!  Thinking of my agreement to sell some wares at Appleby's Craft Area from Easter, I made a couple of "retreat bags" from the afore mentioned kits.  Looking on Etsy these bags sell for £20 plus although I am not sure that they would command that price around here!

Of course, the sewing took much of the day - although it's a sign of progress that I can make two in a day!  However I also managed to get the dogs up to the beach for the first time in over a week (it's raining here but they need to stretch their legs properly), enjoy a nice healthy salad for lunch (well more of a couscous salad but i am still 100% on plan - didn't even have anything naughty for lunch yesterday!) and sneak in an afternoon nap (well - what did you expect right now?).  All in all a really nice productive day!  Right - I am off now to look for some needles to start this waistcoat.  I made Wendy hunt for a suitable pattern and wool in Harrogate last November - intending to make it for the cruise.  Since we leave 9 weeks today, I guess that I'd better make a start!!

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  1. You'll get that done in no time...especially with no sleeves to do.