Thursday, 1 March 2018

You can't beat a mug of hot steaming vimto!

Like most other people, I woke up to freezing temperatures and icy wind - however there wasn't much more snow!  Of course, this is where it becomes treacherous out there as people try to drive and walk on ice!  I hear on the news that all major roads in Lincolnshire are closed - so I am staying put!  Well, I say that -I did brave the elements to fill the coal scuttle but I don't think that really counts - do you?

First on the agenda, after the obligatory tidy round of course, was to continue with the Christmas presents that I started yesterday - only to find a number of mistakes and  will have to start again - grr!  Instead I then moved onto some church paperwork - complete with an electric radiator next to me - there's nothing like sitting still to feel the cold now is there?  Now, I am not saying that it was a boring job - but I then moved on to cleaning the shower upstairs - procrastination at its best!  It was at this point that I indulged in a steaming hot mug of sugar free vimto - very comforting!  Excuse the chipped mug - I bought it in New York 6 years ago and just love the size and feel that I can't bear to throw it away!

Being the first of the month, I also downloaded the second free block for this lovely Christmas wall hanging.  Each month the block is free - but only for that month - so you have to download it in time!

On the conservatory front - the workmen have turned up and continued digging the trench  you have to admire their dedication!! Myself - well, I am getting bored of the weather now.  I am developing a routine of afternoon tv and naps - enjoyable but not good for you in the long run!!  Right - let's make a start on re-doing those Christmas presents I ruined!

Stay safe everyone x


  1. Well we have come late to the party, but finally enjoying the white stuff!