Tuesday, 20 March 2018

I have a cunning plan ......... he he he!

So, now we are in full on holiday preparation mood - first up as the hairdressers to be coloured, cut and generally pampered - always one of my favourite days!  On the way home, I popped into Mum and Dad's (thank you for the bacon buttie), caught up with the progress of their conservatory - more like a terrace at the moment - and said hello to Maisie!  What is it with dogs and their need to roll around the lawn?

Back home, and with the shopping from Tesco's unpacked, it was time to search for this roll of "plastic".  I have had it for many years and believe that it is soluble fabric (I will test some before I start).  The concept is to trap all of those tiny bits of fabric and thread between this and some calico, machine it to death to trap everything and then wash the top layer away to reveal "new fabric".  Well, whats a retreat if it's not to try new things like this?

Talking about the retreat, I also came across my Cath Kidston wash bag - well, I can hardly use my new wash bag, I am saving that for the retreat!  So it was shampoo bottle filling and wash bag sorting!

Next up was some cutting of fabric to finish a project at the retreat (I have enough projects to last at least a fortnight and we have three days!)  The visit to Mum also resulted in a "commission" which needs a visit to The Sewing Centre at Scarbrough on Saturday for the"right" fabric- what a shame!

The final task of the day (apart from washing etc) was to empty the car.  Tomorrow the WI walking group is walking around the local reservoir and I have volunteered to take a couple of passengers - as well as the two pooches.

Holiday d-day is now three sleeps away!!

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