Friday, 16 March 2018

You've gotta love a bargain!

Last night I seemed to have problems falling asleep - I certainly saw 2:30am - it must have been the combined excitement of the swim and the fashion show (yes I did pick up a top or two!) - so it was no real surprise that I didn't wake up until around 8:50am!  Even then I could have turned over and gone back to sleep but, when I saw the time, I decided not to.  Consequently the day was half gone by the time I had had breakfast and fed the dogs.  Nevertheless I managed to sew some more coasters - they just need top stitching and wrapping /labelling, cut and prepped some more bags and made some frames for an even smaller retreat bag - well, I did say that I wanted to go smaller now didn't I?

Around lunchtime, Wendy phoned from Tesco - did I want any more Really Useful Boxes?  well, naturally, I have more than enough and would have said no - until she said that they were slightly larger than then usual ones and were being sold off at £1.75 each!!!!  Let's just say that, between us, we cleared the shelf!

To continue with the bargain theme, We had been told about a lady, in our village, who was selling her HUGE collection of fiction books for 75p each or 2 for a pound.  Well - I did need a book for the cruise so just had to investigate.  three bags full later (32 books!) and I think that I am set up for the next couple of weeks lol!  We did say that we would go back after Easter!  As the title says - You've gotta love a bargain!

Right now we are being threatened with some more snow overnight so take care everyone - particularly if you are driving anywhere tomorrow.  Talking of which, I am taking Mum and Dad out for a birthday lunch (it's mum's birthday tomorrow after all), so if there's no post you will know that we have had a good time -and I will catch up on Sunday!

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  1. Great bargains...and that snow had better thaw as it falls to the it does when we want it to lay!!