Saturday, 3 March 2018

Dodging a "disaster"

Well, this morning I put the dishwasher on - only to find this single lonely tablet winking at me.  Quite unsettled by the encounter I tried to focus on the task of completing the church's paperwork and clearing that part of the desk - but it just got tome!  So, when Wendy messaged me and invited me round for a cuppa, I leapt at the chance - not only could I enjoy a good natter over a cuppa - but I could see how bad the roads really were and, perhaps, just perhaps, buy some more tablets!

As it was - the roads were so clear, I could hardly believe it!  The chat and catch up turned into nearly two hours (sorry Nigel) and then these were bought - phew, crisis averted!!

Back home and a hot bowl of soup lasted nearly two hours (well, maybe helped with a nap and some watching of "Scandal" on Now TV) before purchasing ticket for Calendar Girls In November.  I say purchasing - just  mere 16 for the WI!! It certainly caused a lot of messages across facebook! 

I guess, long story short, I have done nothing, achieved nothing, finished nothing - and its been fabulous!!

On a different note - and just for a laugh - I was sent this picture today of a DIY kit to "Build your own snowman" -well, it made me laugh!

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