Saturday, 10 March 2018

The holiday starts here - well, almost!

Today's main event was a meet - up with the girls going to the sewing retreat in a couple of weeks.  Since it was a lunchtime meeting, I had time to rustle up the third retreat bag - I now have the completion time down to around 2 hours! Tonight I will sew the seams up and put the three bags away in a plastic bx for safe keeping before thinking about labels , prices etc - oh the pressure!

The lunchtime get together was fun - Terry even blagged a free glass of prosecco.  I am not sure how much organisation went on - but at least we know how many irons and extension leads we are taking!! Of course I was accused of leading Heather astray by suggesting that she indulge in an afternoon tea - whilst I had a jacket potato - yet again!  She then returned the temptation by FORCING me to buy some fabric from her and make a donation to charity!  I can see a difficult retreat ahead - lol!

Back home, and after a catch up with the folks, it was time for a dog walk and the final two seams on the retreat bag - before playing around with the waste and coming up with a cube - ready to be stuffed and sewn up tonight.  It's a kind of pin cushion but I did include a loop of tape that could be threaded around the handles of the holiday bag that Trish has bought for me - it would match the grey colour of the bag and identify it as mine - for the holiday at least - a pin cushion seems kind of apt!

As well as the finishing off that I have mentioned, tonight will see the continuation of the knitting.  I am pleased to report that I have reached the arm holes for the first side - after one evening's knitting - go me!  It's a really lovely wool to knit with and is clearly growing fast.  Mind you - Daisy doesn't enjoy sitting on my knee whilst I am knitting - she keeps getting clobbered by the needles!

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  1. Arh poor Daisy. This used to happen to a previous cat of mine. Lovely bag, Cathy x