Sunday, 2 October 2016

A lovely day refreshing my soul

So - last night's food heaven and my cheesecake?  Well - it went down well - I managed to take this photo before it was completely demolished!  Next time they want a black cherry version!

Today was one of our fortnightly sewing sessions at Scamblesby.  Whilst I cant tell you what I was working on (think Christmas present - but I have also reached the halfway stage of the curved piecing's!) I will, as usual, do a round up to show you the variety on offer.  I have to say that we do have requests to join us - we are a lovely bunch of people with just the right share of skills and knowledge so that we can help each other.

So - Jenny was completing  patchwork pheasant with some hand sewing.

Lyn was completing some splendid sampler blocks,

Whilst Julie was making some fabric jewellery for their art fayre at the end of the month.

Jean was completing a patchwork fox,

whilst Terry was completing a splendid sampler block, after making some ipad cases to sell.

When I asked Pat what she was doing - I was told "making friends with my unpicker" - I think that sums up her day!

As I said  its a lovely day and one that no one wants to miss!

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day...and the cheesecake looks yummy