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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Each to their own / Frogs R Us!

Let me pose the question - Which skill would you find the easiest?  In my case, doing a lot of sewing as I do, when mum wanted a table runner - no problem - just run one up.  Ask me to bake a cake, or, in the case of today's effort, a cheesecake and we are talking about enough preparations to solve the world's conflicts!  Let me explain.  Tonight the church is having a "Food Heaven" fund raiser - £7.50 for soup and a roll followed by as many puddings as you wish.  Since the puddings are all donated the event tends to raise a lot of money.  I offered to bring a pudding and was asked to make a cheesecake.  No problem - says I - and, in truth, the mixture does taste delicious (it's a lemon and lime citrus no bake cheesecake) but the kitchen looks like a bomb site and I really had to gee myself up to make it!  Still, hopefully it will have set by tonight and people will like it!

Today has been a lovely autumn day so I set to tidying up the garden.  I am trying to keep out of the back garden to give the concrete time to set properly so spent some time sweeping out the side "garden", pruning the fuchsia tree back and planting some daffodil bulbs in pots.  By the time that I had moved onto painting the other side of the fence, the joiner had arrived to cast his eye over the enormity of putting the summer house together - there sure seems to be a lot of parts!  (He has gone away scratching his head over the instructions and promising to ring with a date this week.  Meanwhile the summerhouse has been wrapped up in a tarpaulin to keep it snug and dry.)  Of course Millie and Daisy tried to help - in their laid back way.  But the chief issue were frogs - in every dark place a frog jumped out - you can just make out this one trying to hide in the recess of an oil tank!  The side still needs sweeping again -some of the bags had damp soil built up underneath so I want to let it dry off - but the green bin is full (it was emptied on Thursday morning!) and then the final step will be to power wash it - ready for the winter.

Elsewhere at chez moi, it was pinning and sewing (78 / 164 now - 48%) and assembling everything for the Scamblesby sewing day tomorrow.

Oh - and I haven't forgotten - I promised pictures of the garden - well here they are.  Bare at the moment but just waiting for the summerhouse and then pots, pots and more pots!  I have set my sights on a veg trug (that will please Dad - he thought the whole patio should come up and have a veg plot there instead) but want to wait until the summer house is up so that I can see how much space I have.


  1. You have been busy!
    But garden looking good, can almost imagine the sh cave at the end of the path way, looks like the yellow brick road!
    Will have to call you Dorothy!

  2. Wow what a difference already!