Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Exciting news!

  Mum and Dad have been thinking for some time that they would like a conservatory.  After receiving widely differing quotes they decided to go with the chap that friends had recommended - ad today was the day that he would come around, talk through the plans and, if happy, Mum and Dad would sign on the dotted line.  Given programmes such as "Rogue Traders", I thought that I should be there - but I wasn't needed - he seemed a really trustworthy chap and building will start early March!!  The visit also gave me the opportunities to take a pair of "faux silk" curtains that I have had for a couple of years - just in case!  They were new from Dunelm and reduced to around £7.  Given that they were big enough to fit a double set of doors I thought that it was worth the punt - they actually look really good up in Mum's dining kitchen, will keep some of the chill out and will stop their dog randomly barking at animals in the garden at night.  Truthfully, they are only a stop gap until Mum and Dad redecorate the kitchen - but a bargain is a bargain!

After he had been, Mum and I nipped out to the shops - I needed some mount board for my sewing box, some shopping from Tesco's and a piece of dowling to hang this lovely panel (after I have quilted it etc of course) that I bought in Norfolk.  I also bought a descaling product that had been recommended to remove the limescale on my shower screen.  I sprayed it on, left it for 15 minutes and then wiped it off and - WOW! is all I can say - a product that actually works!

Once home, and after the bathroom shock and a very late lunch (3pm!!) it was time to tackle today's allocated room for its Christmas clean - the lounge!  Given that it involves moving furniture, I was not convinced that I would get it done in the short time left - but I am pleased to report that I now have half a clean and tidy room to relax in - well, for a few minutes anyway!

Tonight is my last Tuesday night sewing class (the teacher is retiring) so all I need to do is gather my stuff together and her present (plus Wendy's advent presents) before collapsing on the sofa - that way any mess I make will be sorted in the final sweep tomorrow!

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  1. Ooo exciting news indeed! Always good when a builder is busy I reckon, so worth the wait.
    Love it when bargains finally find a purpose too! As for viakal...I have one on each floor of the house! Brilliant stuff!