Monday, 27 November 2017

Well - I didn't spend tooooo much!

So yesterday I went to the Knitting and Stitching show and, with a couple of exceptions, I stuck to my list and we had a good time - browsing, coffee, shopping, lunch,shopping, coffee - you get the picture?  What did I buy then?  Well, fabric for a couple of Christmas presents next year (yes I do mean 2018), wool to knit a waistcoat (merino cotton eh!) a couple of buttons, a kit (well, it wouldn't be a show if I didn't buy a kit) and a silver pen (I know - but I needed it to write two gift tags for tomorrow night).  So, all very good I feel.  We won't talk about the couple of items that have since been bought online after giving it some consideration now will we?  Jean's daughter and friend went to Betty's for one of their famous afternoon teas and kindly brought me back a "fat rascal" so that's something to look forward to after tea!

Today has had the normal Monday feel.  We were depleted at the Textile Group -Linda has broken her thumb and Jean went back to bed!- but I managed to start the last Christmas present (well, the last one to be started you understand).  We were also visited by a gentleman who had promised his dying mother that he would try and get a donation for her church by getting rid of her sewing supplies.  I had spoken to him yesterday morning as I waited for the coach and told him about our sewing group.  Truthfully there was a lot that we would not use due to the age and inability of our machines to cope with the threads etc - but he accepted a donation of £20 and we said that if we raised anymore money than that we would offer him it back.  After he left Carine and Ev had a good sort through and we have raised over £10 already!!  Carine may never have to buy another zip - well, we agreed a price of 20p per zip / item/ metre and she just couldn't walk away from that deal!

Back home and I spent the time cleaning the bathroom ( I want to do each room thoroughly before Christmas).  Being in a hard water area there is a fair amount of limescale on the shower screen which always needs some elbow grease.  This time I tried, then tried salt after advice on the internet and will now be visiting B & Q for a recommended product!  I also managed to de-clutter 4 empty shampoo bottles (oops) and have finally replaced the dead battery in the clock.

By now it was time for Slimming World.  You may recall that it was my goal, this week, to crash through the stone barrier.  After a week of being good / mixed with the Christmas meal out on Friday and eating out yesterday (ocean pie / brownie / flapjack) I wasn't too hopeful.  So I guess that I should be pleased to report that I NEARLY made it!  I lost 1 1/2 lbs - which leaves me still in that stone bracket - just!  Another half a pound will see that mission achieved -ah well, I need a goal for this week I guess!

By now I am dropping -and looking forward to a much easier week ahead.  Let's hope that I can drop off to seleep quicker than it took me last night (too much coffee was the problem there I feel!)

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  1. You will for sure break that barrier next week! Sounds like a good day out yesterday with good company!