Saturday, 27 January 2018

"Looks like you bought it in a shop"

After I posted last night's blog, I had a burst of energy and finished the bag that I was working n.  I took it to the pub to show Jean and got a number of admiring comments - including the one in the title of the blog!  For this bag I added the internal pockets but made them as wide as the sides and then subdivided them - so that I ended up with two large pockets and for small ones.  I think that I am keeping this one for my cruise!

Today was one of my rare "stay at home" days and I had a project in mind.  Sadly I can't say anything about it for a couple of months .... but all will be revealed.  All I can say is that I wanted to time myself making it.  With that in mind - what did I do first?  Well, naturally, I tidied the lounge, then I tidied the kitchen, then I stripped the bed etc etc - seriously - what is wrong with me?  I hope that this sudden onset of domesticity isn't catching!!

Eventually I cut all of the pieces for the project out ........ and then took the dogs for a walk- boy was it cold and wet -and the wind!!!!!!!!  Let's just say that the kettle went on as soon as I got home.

When I started the project (and the timer) I wanted to give it my full attention!  Suffice to say I am pleased with how it turned out - although, yet again, the instructions could be a lot clearer!!  As for the time - well, one hour, 18 minutes, 36 seconds (approx) plus a few minutes handsewing!  Not that I counted of course- but a girl has to check now doesn't she?

With more embroidery items to trace, and a fire to light, I think that my day is complete.  Oh no - I forgot - the bed has to be made !!  Darn this domesticity lark!

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  1. Lovely bag and isn't it annoying when you forget you stripped the bed!