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Thursday, 7 January 2016

The benefits of a good night's sleep

I went to bed and slept solidly - isn't it amazing what a good night's sleep can do?  It's just as well - that bed was very heavy to dismantle and move - but, by 10am, the room was cleared, emptied and swept one last time - ready for the carpet fitters to come around 1pm.  So that left me time to:-

  • Clear out the lounge basket under my side table,
  • Wash the dog's bedding - and dry it
  • Send the machine around on an empty wash to stop the "dogginess"
  • Ring the plumbers about the upstairs ensuite

My ensuite is really only used by Mum and Dad and uses a "machinator".  Last time they came up Mum managed to flood the ensuite (yes water poured through the ceiling of my sewing room) and the toilet seems to permanently flush unless you do a Heath Robinson-esque affair.  As it so happened the plumbers were two minutes away so popped into look at the problem - wait for it - yes you've guessed - the toilet needs a new inner at around £60 plus fitting and they will clear the shower out and unblock it while they are there.  Well - you've gotta protect the fabric!  Oh, and of course, my parents deserve a working ensuite when they visit next week - it was their Christmas present around 10 years ago!

By now it was only 11am so I stopped for a cuppa before continuing with some cleaning, sorting and, of course, sewing.  The plan for the bedroom is to put a small side table (painted yesterday) with the goose (which arrived yesterday) and a small container for my keys at night (I don't think that it's safe to leave keys in doors).  I had planned to use this pattern that I had seen on Pinterest so today felt right to make the dish - and, of course, it fits in with the theme of reducing - using up scraps of fabric that I already have in.  The actual container is meant for threads and so has no wadding in it.  I think that next time I would use some wadding to give it structure but, for now, I have put this small square of wadding that came as a freebie from Empress Mills in the bottom to protect the table form the keys.  Job done!

Whilst the carpet was being fitted (he arrived around 2:30pm - I guess that's close to 1pm then!) I set to completing the first week of a year long challenge.  Trust me, when it was nearly Christmas, I was in John Lewis' in Nottingham and a new facebook page pinged onto my phone this all made sense - now? I am not so sure!  The challenge is to complete a quilt block per day - that's right 365 squares in a year -most 3" or 6" with some larger.  They start off easy and get progressively more difficult.  If I tell you that I have only just looked at the instructions today and managed to compete all 7  and therefore be up to date you will see how easy the first ones are.  However I am sure that this will soon begin to be a millstone of my own making!  they did suggest a colour scheme and have produced an image of how the final quilt will look if you stick to their colour rules - pah!  As my mother would say I am trying to be a "girl who walks on the grass when told not to"  so I am using "stash fabric.  the consequence will be that I have no idea how my final quilt will look!

After the carpet had been fitted it was, of course, time to move the bed and furniture back in.  I won't post a picture of the completed room until next week when it has been dressed properly (for the royal visit you understand!). However you can see the basic idea from the picture so far.  There will be new curtains, lamp shade, nets and an armchair to add.

Finally I hear that Parliament are going to debate the notion that Black Pudding be classified as a super food.  Woopee - I love black pudding.  Now if only it was a diet food as well then my cup will really overflow!  Yep, today it's time for the post Christmas weigh in at Slimming World and time to face the music.  I am aware that I have focussed too much on the sewing in the past months and not enough on the weight loss so be warned - for the next week , at least, you will be subjected to photos of my food each day!  Sorry!


  1. Good to read you had no repeats of yesterday series of unfortunate events! Sounds like a productive day, if expensive! Amazing how much money one can spend without even leaving home!
    As for a block a do set yourselves some challenges!

    1. What can I say? I'm just a tad worried about where the quilt will go when its finished - apparently it will be 90 inches square!

  2. All in All a good day! I love those days when a lot is achieved. Hopefully the plumber will be able to sort the shower room out this week!

  3. Busy day then?
    Love the smell of new carpet, bet you will sleep well tonight!
    Black pudding ugh!
    Fingers crossed its not too bad at slimming world tonight.