Friday, 19 January 2018

Have you got a magic wardrobe?

Last night we had a lovely meal out in a nearby village - I particularly loved the liver and bacon!  Not something that I thought I would ever say!  It would be impossible to decide how many syns I ate - but at least I resisted the urge to have "Pear Bakewell Tart" for afters!  (It was really tempting though!)

This morning I tried out a new breakfast -waffles with fresh fruit and thick yoghurt - the waffles were oven baked and made out of porridge oats, an egg and yoghurt - they were gorgeous!  Definitely something that I will have again!

I had arranged to go to Mum and Dad's today to tackle the mountain of boxes that had initially been hidden under the beds when they moved in - but before I headed off I looked in the wardrobe for shoes.  I had been talking last night about the cruise and the long dresses - and how I needed to look for a pair of shoes to wear with the dresses.  Hey presto -I found two pairs that would do the job!!  I also found an envelope with cash in it - cash for our sewing retreat last November - results!  Just when I am going to a quilt show tomorrow as well!  Haven't I got a wonderful wardrobe?  Now I just need to wear the shoes around the house and get used to wearing heels again!

It wold appear that Mum has a magic wardrobe as well - she had found some clothing that I had lent her plus a long dress that we both bought some years ago but stored at hers because I couldn't fit into it!  Whilst I was relaying the story about my finds this morning, she talked about a friend who is selling her house and took the piece of carpet up from the bottom of her wardrobe - only to find £120 in old notes - which the bank have accepted.  It looks as if this concept is spreading!

We managed to empty four large boxes - and I now have a car full of charitable donations!  However that is only one spare bedroom - I am going back next week to sort the second one (we had to left the bed to get the boxes under that one so this should be fun!)  We celebrated with a late lunch (a bacon sandwich - no butter - for me) out at Watts for tea - it's halfway between us so made sense.

Once home, the day was nearly over, so it was  case of sorting washing, loading /unloading the dishwasher etc.  Crafting wise, I took THE bag to show Mum - and she was really pleased with it (she did say that I should leave it there but, there again, she would be afraid to use it!) - and Dad asked where I had bought it from !  Back home, I have started another gift (so no piccies) and need to get some hand sewing sorted for tonight - well, I can't do nothing now can I?  Mind you, with the craft show tomorrow, I must sort out my bag to make room for all those lovely shiny purchases!!

Whilst it was still light, I managed to find a new home for Florence - taunting the fox water can that Phil and Chris gave me at Christmas - its right up my street!

But I must share this with you - Mum spotted it today.  Anyone who knows me and my "love" of tomatoes will know that this is me (and Dad) to a T!!  I must also add - this goes for any food where someone has helpfully added tomatoes!!

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