Monday, 8 January 2018

The result of an "off the cuff" conversation.

Firstly - many apologies for not posting yesterday.  Truthfully all I had to say could be summed up by "I sewed, I made three pockets, I came home - scintillating eh?  Do you feel spared?

Last night I had a bath (ok - I shower every day - no jokes here folks) and took the shower screen seal off.  Now this may be common knowledge but I had no idea that the seal at the bottom of my curved shower screen came off and had been resigned to the seal going brown with age.  I also live in a hard water area so there was plenty of limescale crusting on.  However an innocent conversation with my brother over Christmas has resulted in a new seal being ordered, the old seal taken off and I will then tackle the limescale before attaching the new on -it looks so much better already!

The other news from last night is that we have now booked our November retreat.  I won't bore you with all the details but, owing to a mistake on the part of the booking company, the retreat will now cost us around £100 each for a 5 night stay!!!  It is self catering but it's in a farm house just over an hour away from me and looks lovely!

So, onto today,  It's a Monday so you could probably fill in the gaps!  First up is the Textile Group - this term we are tackling two shared projects and started today with a mouse pincushion.  Truthfully it's a pattern that I have had for over a year so its nice to get started!

After a quick tidy round and hoover back home, it was off out again to Slimming World where I lost, wait for it, the Christmas gain plus 2 - 4lbs in all!  I am now within a sniffing distance of 5 stone!! (3 1/2lbs to go!)  I also took the opportunity to climb their stairs - 10 flights in all (I hope they don't have CCTV on the staircase!!).  Well - it makes a change from climbing my own stairs at home!

Sadly Jean is still poorly so couldn't go this afternoon.  Instead I stopped in mum's village to do some shopping for Jean - intending to drop it in.  As I came out of the shop, my wrist buzzed (the phone picked up the mobile phone signal).  When I looked at my phone - mum had rung me 8 times!!!!  Surely there must be an emergency!! So I rung her straight back - "where are you" she cried.  When I explained she asked me to drop round (she has instructed me, at this point, to tell you that she wouldn't have bothered if I had got home !!) because the TV wasn't working!  After diagnosing a loose connection we managed to get it going again - phew catastrophe avoided then!

After dropping in Jean's shopping (she really does look bad!), I am now in for the night - thankfully!


  1. Woop woop to the lose!! What a bargain for the break too! No TV??? Nightmare!! Well sorted gal :)

  2. Oh my you need to find a handyman/neighbor for your mother and father......just in case you (miss fix everything) is out of town or otherwise unavailable.
    Because gosh I am old I'd be lost without TV