Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Going with the flow!

Well, I managed my daily total of 22 stair climbs yesterday but, to be absolutely honest with you, the last 10 were a REAL EFFORT!!    However, I woke up this morning raring to go and had done 8 by lunchtime so it must be getting easier!

Today was a planned day at home - you know the sort of exciting life I lead - bed changing, hoovering and dusting etc.  What did I do? - texted mum to see if she fancied an outing to a new cafe that has just opened near them - cue cuppa and a cake (for them), coffee and the free biscuit for me!  You may recall that we are on a mission to try 12 new cafes in 12 months - this one is number 7 and we have until June 9th - so we are on track!

Back home and it was time for lunch and episode 2 of the Australian Biggest Loser before heading out again with the dogs for a walk (if I was on it then I would be one of the lightest contestants now - yay!).  With the winds being as they are today, I decided to walk more locally with Daisy on the lead (I had visions of her floating away like Toto!!)

With the afternoon rapidly disappearing on me, I then set to making the SW Christmas cake that I made a week ago.  Over the Christmas period this has been a life saver and popular with all- it tasted more like a tea loaf.  With the WI being tomorrow, I need to bring something for the supper so this seemed ideal.

Crafting wise I am planning on starting Wendy's Christmas Gift to me - a reindeer bunting kit.  Bless her, she has prepped everything (even backing the fabric with stabiliser) so all I have to do is to pick it up and start sewing (yes - she even included the thread and put it into a cute homemade bag for me!)  What a wonderful and thoughtful gift!

I lave on my cruise four months today - yikes! - and will confess to having just ordered an evening dress that was reduced in the sales.  this weight loss thing is both a pleasure and a curse.  Clearly losing weight means that I can buy a wider range of clothes - but how do you guess where you will be in 4 months time?  I have gone for the next size down (I am knocking on that particular door anyway).  I am expecting the dress not to fit yet but and hoping that the style means that if I dropped to the size lower then it will not drown me / could be taken in (now, wouldn't that be a turn up for the books?)  Of course it may not suit at all so I may have to return it - but we will cross that bridge when it comes.  As Trisha would say, I now need to form a capsule wardrobe!


  1. Hope you are ranking this coffee shops for us :)

  2. Sounds like you are making a wonderful start to the New Year Lynda and I hope that 2018 is a great year for you! Christine xx