Wednesday, 31 January 2018

A new chapter?

This morning I went to a WI meeting - not my usual committee meeting but the group meeting covering the local wi's.  I should add that our secretary is the new convener and so I wanted to give her some support - along with Carine, our president.  Five minutes into the meeting I find myself agreeing to being the group secretary - ooh help!  Will I never learn?  Apparently its only two meetings a year - although we have just agreed to insert a third one  ...........

Back home, and lulled by the lovely sunshine, I took the dogs up to  the beach.  When I encountered a totally empty car park I should have just turned around.  Geees - it was raw - when I got back into the car my eyes and nose were bright red!  Fortunately I looked like a total idiot and wore the woolly hat that Mum and Dad gave me at Christmas and my sparkly woollen mittens but!!!

After another leftovers lunch, I started writing the minutes (better whilst my memory is still fresh) and distributed them.  However I should admit that this was just procrastinating activities.  For some reason - possibly loss of mental faculties - I had decided to make the same Christmas present three times and so spent this afternoon in front of my light box tracing the design three times.  If I feel fed up after just the tracing, guess how I will feel after sewing them three times.  Ah well - it will be worth it - I hope!  And the dogs?  well, they were either shattered after their run against the wind or resigned to having a boring afternoon.  They have just spent all afternoon curled up in their beds in the craftroom - lifting their heads hopefully if I dared to stand up!!

Right - off to try and sort out WI prizes and gifts for tomorrow - there are 9 - yes, count them NINE birthday gifts to wrap and label!!  We have just heard that our speaker can't make it - so we are onto plan B - more work then!!


  1. Think you might need 8 days in your week!

  2. I can understand why they want you to be secretary, if you want something to get done ask a busy person