Wednesday, 17 January 2018

So near - yet so very far away!

Today was a sewing day over at Belchford - although I really didn't think that I would make it.  I woke up to the lightest dusting of snow possible and my journey was fine - until I turned off the main road and travelled along the top of the wolds for 5 miles - 5 miles of untreated and impacted snow! Fortunately there was little traffic so I could take it easy and got there safely.

After remaking the sides (I am saving the old sides of the bag for a different version that I am developing!), I then moved on to assemble THE bag. Sewingbuddy had kindly gone on ahead and finished hers - so that she could guide and help me apparently - and had made a great job of it.

I, in the meantime, am nearly there.  After a lot of grappling and wrestling the bag, I am left with the binding to put on tomorrow and then handsew.  However it is showing some promise!

Meanwhile Sewingbuddy has been watching Youtube again and has come up with some more project ideas - they are not bags apparently mum!!  Can I go and lie down yet - I certainly need to!


  1. Both bags are lovely I have yet to make mine any tips other than check the side piece measurements?

  2. Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh sometime

  3. Yes you can lie down, you e earned it!