Thursday, 25 January 2018

Happy Burns Night x

Today, being the 25th January, Scotsmen and Women commemorate the life and poetry of Robert Burns - in particular by celebrating with Haggis.  I love Haggis - essentially it tastes like a spicy minced beef but is offal and fatty - therefore high in syns.  Instead I am trying a new SW recipe tonight - a "haggis", neeps and tatties pie - essentially a spicy shepherds pie topped with a mixture of swede and potatoes. Should be fun  - I love Shepherds pie anyway so what could possibly go wrong?

Elsewhere in Lincolnshire, this morning started with a WI meeting - always good fun (and a little long sometimes if I am honest - so we had a 12 noon guillotine!).  One of the items under discussion was the annual meeting in Skegness in March - the guest speaker is the lady who discovered Richard 111 in the Leicester Car Park - and you know how fascinated I am with anything Richard 111 related!

Back home, and after a quick slurp of my luscious home made soup, and it was back out again to the vets with Daisy - it's time for her annual booster injections.  It's a long way to drive just for that but better safe than sorry.  Once home again, we picked up Millie and popped up to the beach whilst the weather stayed dry and the sun was still out - look at those ears go!

Back, ensconced at home - the door was locked, the fire lit and the sewing machine brought out - yes, I am giving in and making a third retreat bag!  Well, you knew I would now didn't you?  Sewingbuddy and I bought this lovely fabric a while ago so I felt compelled to use it!!  The bag should turn out a little taller than the others since I wanted to get the whole panel in, and I have added some internal pockets (I am getting adventurous with this waterproof lining now aren't I?).  Hopefully I will finish this off tomorrow / Saturday.

After wrestling with a caked on dish - the result of reheating something in the oven - sorting out & filing away some personal paperwork and preparing a mountain of embroidery items it's finally time to tackle the afore mentioned "haggis", neeps and tatties pie  - wish me luck! 


  1. Neeps and tatties pie sounds delish....not a fan of haggis though! Loving those ears

  2. Your dogs 🐶 look happy to run back to you