Thursday, 18 January 2018

Ta da - all finished - now, when do I start number 2?

Wowee - did you have the winds that we had last night?  Fortunately everything is still intact - but it sounded like touch and go in the wee small hours!  My morning started with a quick emergency dash to the shops for dog food before I settled down to the mammoth task of adding binding to THE bag.  I have added binding to many quilts and bags - but none of them were as difficult as this one -it really felt like I had gone three rounds with some wrestler - and lost!  However, once attached on one side, I could then settle down, after lunch, to hand sew the other side.  So, after many many hours of effort - here it is at last!

As with most projects, I have learned lessons along the way that would make a second bag easier - but I may need to leave a gap in time before I start again!  I am also hoping that my modified version can use the "too small" sides - so that they don't go to waste!

Elsewhere in my humdrum life I walked the dogs,  sorted some fabric out for an "Emmeline sew along" that Sewingbuddy signed me up for,  and spent some valuable time sorting out some parts (not many I will admit) of the craft room.

Tonight it's the WI supper club outing to a local hostelry - I think that I have chosen "Liver and bacon" for a change!

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