Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Can we talk about packaging?

Since I spent all day sewing THE bag and still have another day, next Wednesday, before I can start to think about finishing it - can I talk about packaging? 

Yesterday, as I blogged, the shower screen seal was delivered.  Its a normal size screen and the seal measured, perhaps, 2 inches wide by about a yard long.  A long tube / thin box should do it - right?

Nope - firstly this box arrived!

Only to reveal this second box inside!

Can you really consider anything as stupid as this?  Since the package was oversized, they then employed another parcel carrier to deliver it - fortunately I have Amazon prime but I dread to think about the cost and waste of delivering this £8 piece of plastic! 

Am I happy about the product?  Well, you decide.  This is a photo of an off cut placed next to a piece of the original trim - discoloured with age (I have already cleaned this!).  However I can see why my brother orders several at a time to cut down on the waste of packaging!

Today has also seen the first of the new monthly stitcheries issued by Gail Pan.  So this evening I intend to finish the first Christmas block that Wendy gave me so that, tomorrow, I can prepare my fabric and trace the design.  This is one block of the month that I don't want to fall behind on!

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  1. Have often thought the same about those huge boxes...then I feel the need to try and reuse it somehow as its such a useful size! But then they just build up in the garage, go damp and musty and end up in the recycling bin!