Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Well, where do I start?

According to the song, I should start at the very beginning!  However, after a restless night I am not sure where the start is.  Should it be 4:55am when I woke and couldn't get back to sleep -resorting to my usual trick of turning the radio on very low and lying on my back to see if I can doze off - which I did until 5:30am, then again until 6:45am, or maybe 8:50am!  Yikes - I got up quick then!

After some general housework, I then got down to the church paperwork that I mentioned yesterday - only breaking for a visit to the invalid and a cuppa.  Jean's daughter and grandson had come up for a short stay so its good to know that she will have some help around the house.

Back home, it was off out again with the dogs before coming home to cook a ham hock and make two pans  of ham hock soup.  These were large ham hocks and very reasonably priced.  Unfortunately you can't get them all the time so I need to watch out for them - today I used my last one!

By now it was mid afternoon and I should have gone back to the paperwork - but a lovely parcel arrived full of goodies for WI raffle prizes - so it was clearly essential that I took a look through and put the things away - now wasn't it?  I also managed to make an appointment for Daisy's booster injections, and ordered some fusible wadding to be posted out from Lincoln - anyone thinking that I am procrastinating?

With just a pile of ironing exasperating me from my tea and feet up  (plus the compulsory hand sewing of course), today has sped past!  Tomorrow is my monthly sewing class so I must make sure that I take everything I need with me - honestly it's like packing for a sewing retreat - lots of "just in case" items - we never really know what we are doing exactly and therefore have to take everything with us!

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