Sunday, 28 January 2018

Paying it forward ....

Wowee - I could have slept in really late this morning!  As it was I didn't wake up until 8:45 am -how disgusting!  I really must get myself back into a normal sleep pattern - if I wake up late then I am not tired at bedtime and so read - meaning that I go to sleep later - and then sleep in!  It's a vicious circle.  As it was I woke up to an appeal on Facebook - would anyone donate some wool and an artist's easel for an old people's home - the lady's mother has dementia and so she is trying to organise crafts and activities and we all know about funding cuts!  Well, I could help out - she came at lunchtime and said how generous people had been - the home didn't think that it was worth asking but she had been inundated!

This morning was Church - I will confess that our church was really cold this morning and it took a  good couple of hours at home to warm through! - followed by some more paperwork (well, the desk was clear again for a couple of minutes).  After lunch (and ironically warmed through) I then took the dogs out and froze again! Seriously  I think that Millie forgot that she is 11 -she was so full of energy - matching Daisy stride for stride - she will pay for that later me thinks!   I have a DAB portable radio which I listen to when I walk the dogs and so often try and time the walk to a good radio programme.  On a Sunday it's Elaine Paige and her songs from the musicals!  I have to look both ways before I dare sing along!

Back home and it was time to blitz the spare bedroom down stairs.  Since I moved upstairs, the downstairs room has become a bit of a dumping ground.  Yesterday's attack of domesticity saw the bedding stripped from this bed as well and remade - so now I needed to do a hoover and a tidyup - one of those jobs which looked like it would take longer than it actually did.

By now, my energy was somewhat flagging and so I sat down with a cuppa, put the Archers on and carried on preparing some more projects for embroidery / to take to the retreat.  Somewhere in the midst of that activity, I also managed to pack my bags ready for the Textile group -oh, and walk up and down stairs as ever!  Although I update the tracker on a Monday, I will say that I have passed the 300 sets of stairs mark.  This from a  woman who would avoid stairs like the plague - I have come a long way!

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