Sunday, 21 January 2018

Dreams can come true!

After a hectic day yesterday I, err, slept n and didn't wake up until nearly 9am!!  Yikes - by the time The Archers came on at 10am I had only just got started.  Today I was determined to master my fear and make a wash bag!  I have failed miserably using a  shower curtain for the lining so, today, I used some "rip stitcher" nylon that I had bought from Amazon.  I have to say that it sewed like a dream (yes I did run a small piece under water just to test that it's waterfproof) and, by 11 am , the bag was sewn, turned through and I was about to insert the wire frames ....... when I noticed that I had sewn the zip in upside down again - what is wrong with me?  Cue naughty words, an unpicker (thank you Terry) and more work.  But, by noon, the bag was complete - I had conquered my fear of waterproof.  So - what did I do then - why, cut out a second one of course (you have to get right back on that bike now don't you?

Rather than stitch straight away, I sorted out the kitchen, stripped the bed etc, before heading out with the dogs to the beach.  It was a freezing 1 degree and my cheeks were red raw - it was therefore not surprising to see snow falling by the time we were on our way back to the car.  Cue an afternoon in sewing the next bag and a lit fire!  This time the zip went in fine - I think that I am finally beginning to get there! I guess that there are two inners waiting to be sewn up tonight then! Now -should I make a third?

So, what dreams you may ask - surely not sewing waterproof fabric?  Well, when I stated this dieting journey at home nearly 9 months ago, I glibly said that I wanted to lose 5 stone by the time I went on the retreat - well, we know that that didn't happen - but it has still been my first target.  My weight then, on a cold Monday morning, was something three.  Today (yes I know its not a Monday morning!) the scales said something (5 less than before) 3 - so, I guess that the dream has been achieved.  Of course I know it's not real, - and the SW scales are the better tracker - but it's a cause for celebration - yes?


  1. It is indeed cause for celebration...well done you!!

  2. Wow that is quite an achievement you deserve to feel very very proud of your self.

    Great job