Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Am I retired or still working?

Being serious - what is the definition of retirement?  It certainly isn't a life of luxury - doing nothing!  This morning I had a church meeting and this afternoon a WI meeting - I've had less meetings during a normal day at work!  Of course - my definition would involve choice.  I chose to be on the church PCC - and so needed to go to this morning's meeting.  Fortunately, I was asked to chair the meeting and set a time length of one hour to aspire to (we made it in 1 hour and 5 minutes).  Back home, I therefore had time to start sorting (and bin bag filling) through the bags / boxes removed from the lounge so that rubbish wasn't simply put back in!  I even found time to empty a sewing project box(the pen case) and put the components back in the right box.

After lunch, there was then the WI meeting - this time a group meeting to discuss our Aunt Sally entry for the Lincolnshire Show. We had chosen to meet at Appleby's so could enjoy a cuppa over our chat.  As it was, only members of our WI turned up but we enjoyed a lively discussion and arrived at a plan.  I was also approached by the owner and asked if I would be interested in selling some of my wares through their newly opened craft area - we had a tour around (although some imagination was needed at this stage - it is due to be opened at Easter!)  Oops - what have I let myself in for?

Back home and it was more sorting and tidying.  I have nearly finished sorting through everything that was dumped in the craft room from the lounge and need now to start on the conservatory!  I even found time to sort through my "smalls" drawer - decluttering / matching socks etc!  Wouldn't it be nice to stat a new trend - one where you wear un-matching socks! Tonight I am going to try and make a SW Chicken Korma using a SW curry sauce and a coconut yoghurt - "such fun"!!

Like I said - "retirement" is hardly a rest!


  1. Sounds like a good little business proposition!

  2. Ha ha, teen 1 regularly wears 'un-matched' socks deliberately. Cx