Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Unexpected pleasures

Well, as expected, I woke up to a snow storm, snuggled back under the bedcovers and came to to this - not the largest covering of snow but enough to make the roads look dodgy to me!  Fortunately for me the WI walking group was cancelled and I have contacted Spindle Cottage to apologise for not going tomorrow.  Even if my end is clear tomorrow morning (unlikely according to the forecast) I would have to travel over the wolds - which may not be pleasant!  I therefore have two unexpected  free days ahead of me!

Mind you - I was sent this picture by my baby brother and his lovely wife down in Kent - I think that they may have had it a tad worse than us! 

So - what have I done with this free time - well, dusted and hoovered upstairs for a start!  I then set to cutting out some coaster kits before braving the cold of the conservatory and free motion quilting part of this wretched wall hanging. The size makes it feel as if you are grappling with a gorilla!

After a lovely HOT lunch (plus the obligatory snooze of course) it was then time to settle down to some church paperwork  and some desk tiding -essential but hardly glamorous!  And to think -today the builders are due to start on Mum's conservatory!  Rather them than me!

I will finish with something that popped up on my facebook today and which tickled me!

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