Monday, 5 February 2018

Daisy has an adventure.

Today is the normal Monday - Textile group, followed by Slimming World - except ............. I needed to take Daisy to the dog groomers in the middle of all the activity.  That meant that Daisy came to the church hall, "helped" me put the tables and chairs out and sort out refreshments.  As the ladies started to arrive, she acted as a hostess and said hello to everyone (well, she barked but we knew what she meant).  Only when she knew that everyone was sorted, did she leave them alone for her "one on one" pampering session.  When she came back, Daisy found a new friend in Auntie Jenny - who still had her nightie on and had just mucked out the horses before popping down to see us all, give me some eggs and hand over her idea for a WI table cloth square.  Daisy even persuaded Auntie Jenny to stay and "pretend" to do some crafts with a cuppa.

Having said all of that, Daisy was happy to get home - she then spent the next couple of hours zonked out in her bed!!  Meanwhile I sorted some housework and then set to trying to sort out one of Jean's UFO's.  She has been de-cluttering and has come across a range of projects - half done and with no clue what to do next.  This one turned out to be a simple pencil case - she didn't want it finishing - just done halfway so that she could see what to do next.


Next up was, of course, Slimming World.  I needed to lose one pound to get my 4 1/2 stone award (5 stone in total) and was optimistic -I had had my first 100% week in a while and so deserved to lose that pound at least! In the end I lost a whopping four pounds and gained my shiny certificate!!  Yay - onto the next one then!!  I also took Paul's wash bag and everyone started to sign it.  I've left it with the consultant to finish gathering signatures and then to present it to him before he goes into hospital.

Home on a Monday afternoon is always late so it's tea and then hand sewing in front of the tv -what's new then eh?


  1. Yayy you got your certificate and well on the way to another! Lovely wash bag :)

  2. Congratulations, well done you! I love that photo of Jenny and Daisy, it's brilliant, Cathy x