Monday, 26 February 2018

How is the weather with you?

Well, I woke up to enough snow to make Daisy bounce with joy!  I don't know about you, but our village seems to have its own micro climate and the snow we have here will be wildly different from other villages not ten miles away.  I was therefore apprehensive about travelling this afternoon to slimming world and , after discussing it with Jean and talking to Ev who lived "en route", we decided not to go - so no weigh in result I am afraid.  That being said the snow we had did almost disappear by 3pm but there were occasional snow flurries and the sky was full of something!

Textile group, this morning, was a good laugh as we all gathered round for warmth and continued with our hand sewing.  As I said last week, we are making the Lynette Anderson spool holder but Wendy and I are sewing patchwork hexagons together since we already have an embroidered version.  We were also given a large bag of fabric - mainly cotton with some curtaining fabric - and had a good time bagging it as it came out of the bag!  We narrowly avoided coming to blows!

Back home and the coal fire was lit - I practised some FMQ whilst it took hold - and an extended lunch turned into a snooze before watching the first episode f a new daytime drama "Shakespeare and Hathaway" - a really lazy afternoon - bliss.  I even managed to finish my Spindle Cottage embroidery homework!

Next on the agenda was to ring Jet 2.  Our cruise reservation confirmed that we had flights out of UK and back in but, when I went to reserve our seats and order the meals, only the return flight showed up.  According to Jet2 it's P & O's fault for not listing us by name (going out) but listing us coming back (go figure!)  Next call was therefore to our cruise company and I am now awaiting their reply - such fun!  (Ah well - it gave me time to sort the ironing pile out at least.  It's really strange having all this unexpected free time!)  They then called back to say leave it until Sunday when the website should be updated - ah well, I am always too early!!

So, not quite the usual Monday but they do say that a change is as good as a rest!  I hope that you all batten down the hatches tonight and keep warm - I certainly intend to and will await to see what tomorrow morning brings us!  Let's just say that it doesn't look good for the WI walking group!

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