Sunday, 18 February 2018

Another busy day!

Let's start with last night and Avenue Q.  Somehow the thought of watching people talk and sing with a puppet on their arm just shouldn't work - but it did.  More than that it was brilliant.  Normally, when I watch a musical, there will be someone who is a little weaker than the rest - but each and every performer was brilliant!  It was a little racy in parts - but very funny and well worth a watch if you get the chance!

Back to today and, with the sun breaking through and the temperature reaching the heady heights of 7 degrees, I should have sent all day sorting the bedroom and lounge out (they look wonderfully bare at the moment but the rest of the house is cluttered with the stuff that I took out.  However I want to replace and sort at the same time (well, that's my excuse at any rate).  So, although I did spend about half an hour on the bedroom, I also completed the top of my quilt creation.  Being a quilt, the next step will be to layer it up and quilt it - not my favourite part of the process!  I am actually not quite sure if I have backing large enough in my "stash" so it may have to be pieced (see - you expected me to go out and buy now didn't you!!)  With the fabric out, I cut some pieces to make the "dilly bag" (yes I have no idea what that means either) project that came with Gail Pan's January stitchery and created a kit - there are now far too many for a three day sewing retreat but it's always useful to have something prepared that you can pick up and finish when you are at a loose end!

The dog walk was a lovely affair - it is so much nicer when you are not walking into the icy wind with your head down - and, when I got back, I even managed to prep and trace February's stitchery from Gail Pan.  Today was shaping up to be a busy but productive day!  My final task was to trim and border the Gail Pan wall hanging so that I "just" need to slip stitch it and then create the Suffolk puffs to sew on.  This list of UFO's is diminishing - slowly.

Now, it occurs to me that I haven't mentioned the diet much this week - particularly after the weight gain last week.  You may recall that I asked for a food diary to complete and gave the consultant carte blanche to give me grief if I put weight on.  Well, I can honestly say that I have been 100% on plan and have written everything down for her to scrutinise.  The result with one day to go?  My scales say a measley one pound off!!  Let's hope that they are wrong / I lose half a stone overnight!!


  1. So sorry about your last weigh in I must have missed that somehow.
    You have already done saw wonderfully on this program
    Of course you know muscle weighs more than fat and muscle uses calories fat does not
    So your stair stepping may have built up your muscle tissue resulting in a temporary plateau
    It is difficult, as you well know, keep at it and continue to drink water, tea to keep everything moving

  2. So tough when you have been so good and get nothing to show for it!