Thursday, 15 February 2018

The sun has got his hat on ......

Happymum commented yesterday "If music be the food of love , play on" - oh how apt that was for the RSC play last night.  Not only was it a marvellous production - funny and poignant in equal measures - but they had composed original music and the characters kept breaking into song - it was almost like a musical.  Since the play was set in Victorian times, the music was a mixture of music hall and Gilbert & Sullivan type - very enjoyable!

I woke up to a windy but very sunny day - isn't it nice how the sun can lift your spirits?  I had decided to try making my black and white clutch bag today and opted for the XL version (the sizes range from S to XXL) - it was just as well - my hone fits in - just!  However the sew along video made the bag go together like a dream so, apart from taping the paper pattern pieces together, I won't mind making another if I decided on a larger version..  However - what do you need on a boat?  As long as you have your phone and room key card - any costs can be charged to your room and settled at the end!

Any new pattern takes longer than it should - as you check and recheck - so I didn't finish it until lunchtime, by which time the pooches had found their sunny spots and were enjoying their snoozes!  It was a shame to wake them up to go for a walk!

After lunch it was time to start thinking about tonight and tomorrow.  Tonight it's the WI craft group and we are starting an exciting venture - the creation of a table cloth for the president's table.  I am encouraging every member to create / give an idea for someone else to create a square which identifies what WI means to them.  I am looking forward to seeing the range of ideas that people have come up with.  Tomorrow I am meeting up with Trisha and Julia to discuss the cruise - so spent some time this afternoon downloading the cruise excursions to see if anything appealed or whether we will simply plan to get off the boat and stretch our legs / have a cuppa n cake!

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