Sunday, 25 February 2018

Clearing out the deadwood.

Around this time of the month I start to think about clearing out my email inbox.  Embarrassingly enough, my phone told me that I had 2476 emails!!! Ten minutes sat at the computer deleting "unstarred" emails (I star anything that I might want to keep) and this number had been reduced to 511.  I am sure that here are still some that could go - do I really need to keep many from 2016? - but I need more time to trawl through - "just in case"!!

This morning was church (I was well wrapped up - with the temperature plummeting it can be rather cold in church - even though they have heating under each pew)- followed by a brisk walk with the dogs.  We are still enjoying the cold sunshine although the wind can get you!  However, as I said yesterday, this afternoon was in the conservatory with my sewing machine (I treated myself to a machine case from Aldi last night - Wendy's fault!) and my "project".  Why the conservatory when it's so cold? - well, as I said yesterday, this project is growing so I need the large table when I am quilting!  I also managed to cut out my fabric for the first retreat mystery project.

This evening will, of course, be more hand sewing.  I have filled the coal bucket and lit the fire so it's nice and cosy in the lounge.  I have finished the Gail Pan February stitcheries and will iron them once they have been appliqued to their backgrounds.  For now my attention must turn to the embroidery that I need to finish for Wednesday's trip over to Spindle Cottage (if the snow doesn't stop me of course!)

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