Saturday, 17 February 2018

Hi - di - hi - Dobbo style!

As I said yesterday, today someone came to clean my carpets - but, erm, I didn't quite finish clearing the rooms last night - too tired!  So I set the alarm for 7 am and set to - hoovering before shutting the door so that the dogs couldn't undo my good work.  Consequently, by 9am I was finished and ready (she had an appointment elsewhere at 10am -what was I thinking?).  So -what's  girl to do with this free time?  Well, with my entertainment manager's cap on (I have self promoted myself for the sewing retreat) I started to wrap the prizes for the "games" - I will say no more!!!

Next on the agenda was the dreaded pen case that I started last year and was working on last Sunday.  Was today the day that it could be finally finished?  With the lady working on the carpets, it was easier to stay in the craft room, with the dogs, and work on something useful.  Mind you - after the machine had created loops where there shouldn't be loops and then I caught the zipper when I shouldn't have - I really felt like giving up!  The final "nail in the coffin was when I twisted one of the three zips"!  This is one UFO that looks destined never to be finished!!

I will also admit to getting distracted and buying some more clothes online - plus a new bedding set.  Now that I am permanently sleeping upstairs, a duck egg blue duvet set with red curtains just doesn't cut it!

So -did I give up on the pen case - is my name Dobbo?  Not on your nellie!  At 4pm, having started at 9am and walked away several times, I finished it. 

Is it perfect - absolutely not!

Would I be proud enough to sell it / give it away - no chance!!
Woudl I make another one? - not in this decade that's for sure!


Is it fit for purpose?  Well, it does have three zipped compartments that all work and the pens / pencils are now stored together in one place  -so, yes, it's fit for purpose and will be well used


Tonight I am off to the theatre with Wendy to watch "Avenue Q" - I think that I deserve the break!!


  1. Well done Dobbo, knew you weren’t a quitter.
    I best look for our next challenge then!

    1. November! That’s ages away, need something before then?

  2. Most of my sewing machine experiences go something like that!

  3. Love your new pencil/pen case
    And I just realized you are going on a cruise 🚢 fun for you but what about me does this mean no blog reading for me?

    1. I will try my best Colleen - it all depend on whether there is free wifi on the ship!!