Sunday, 4 February 2018

Finally finishing some of those irritating tasks

We all have them - don't we?  (or maybe its just me?)  Tasks which have been nearly completed but need that final stage.  For example - I mentioned, a couple of weeks ago, the new Gail Pan Stitchery Club - I sat down the night that January's was issued and sewed the three stitcheries.  However they then needed to be appliqued to a back ground - so that was the first job this morning.

Not being able to craft all day (why not I hear you ask) - the next job was the huge pile or ironing.  It's okay completing loads of washing - but most of it then has to be ironed doesn't it?  Whilst I was putting it away, I tried on a pair of trousers the next size down that has been lurking in my wardrobe - and they did up!!!!!  Rather tight but it's progress yes?

As a treat I sat down with Trisha's jigsaw.  I am seeing her twice in the next couple of weeks (Strictly Come Dancing tour next week!!!!!) and so want to try and finish it.  The subject is a lovely quilting shop - but the range of fabrics and colours are rather challenging!  There are also rather awkward shaped pieces just to make life difficult.

The dog walk was curtailed - we had just set off when Daisy went rummaging in a bush and came out chasing some poor chickens who had decided to roam far from their house.  When she came back it was evident that she had fallen into a dyke and was thick with gunge - cue a bath in the sink and a desperate plea to the dog groomer to see if she has a spare spot!!  Fortunately she is washing her again tomorrow morning - phew!

To continue with the finishing theme there was also more work to be done on the Christmas presents (don't go there - I ironed something, it left a mark, I washed it out, the ironing board left a mark, I washed it out again - now its okay - phew!!) and a slight alteration to a mystery project for or forthcoming sewing retreat.  Terry and I have organised some mystery projects and, when I tried my idea out, I made do with what I had.  Now I have the proper item and so have switched it over.  All very mysterious I know - but a mystery is a mystery and I don't want to reveal anything before the retreat.

The last task was to book some ticket for one of my favourite musicals - "Hairspray" is coming to Hull in April.  It would be rude not to go now wouldn't it?

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