Thursday, 8 February 2018

Entering a brave new world!

Yesterday I was in a Strictly bubble - which is why I didn't post.  I drove to Nottingham to watch the Strictly Come Dancing live tour and, wow!  From the opening routine of Top Hat to the finishing dance routine from La La Land - the whole afternoon was simply a dazzling delight of dancing, live music and good humour.  I met up with Trisha at the Saltbox restaurant -which she had booked - just as well - it was right outside the arena and so a popular destination.  I tried to be SW friendly and had scoured the menu online - but then they changed it and it threw me.  In the end I opted for grilled sea bass, new potatoes and green beans - asking for no butter and no sauce.  Didn't I do well?

When we made our way to our seats  (look how central they were - it was a fabulous view) I remembered that there was a cautionary note when I booked them - the seats were not for people who suffered from vertigo or had issues climbing stars.  Imagine my delight when I climbed the equivalent of two flights of stairs with ease and could then hold a conversation without being out of breath - what a result!

I arrived home around 8:30pm - having taken a SW friendly box of food for tea - and went to bed with both happy memories and pride on how I had managed the eating aspects of the day!

Today was therefore a catch up day - popping into Tesco's before picking up the dogs from Mum and Dad's.  Dad seems to have become the dog whisperer in the last few days - apparently Daisy sits on his knee when he watches the tv and then slides in between him and the arm of the chair - before finally falling asleep.  Bless

So - what's the brave new world?  Well, Jean and I have decided to start a Pilates class after half term and so I needed some trainers.  I went in a sports shop and, after some advice, came out with these pair of Reeboks.  Not only was there a strange world of sporting equipment and accessories but there were items in the shop that I had never seen before - such as a protein mars bar - reduced in price to an astonishing £2.50.  Yes you read that right - I even questioned the assistant - it was REDUCED to £2.50!!

I also got a card from my SW consultant - congratulating me on being awarded the highest wight loss award on Monday from all of her groups.  This has been a good couple of days!


  1. Glad you enjoyed strictly, and well done on the weight loss , and the Pilates!
    What next?
    Step aerobics ?
    Well whatever you do it wil” certainly speed up the weight loss.

  2. Sounds like a marvellous day and well done for keeping to the diet, a real test of inner strength!