Monday, 8 June 2015

Why complete 1 job when you can do two?

Have you ever had one of those days when you feel as if anything is possible?  Well that was me today - and its a good job it was as every job I did seemed to lead onto another.  For example I tackled the dresser - each coat of paint dries within 30 mins so I was able to get both coats completed on the top half - I will then separate them and complete the second half tomorrow.  The second job?  Well I don't know how often you move such a piece of furniture but be warned - this is what was hiding behind mine - yuk!!  The trouble was that Millie spotted the tennis ball and mithered until I moved the dresser enough for her to get it.  The ball was then a ten minute wonder and she is now fast asleep in the sun!  And what's with the non existent skirting board - who leaves it hanging in mid air like this?

However this is what the top of the dresser looks like - I am pleased with the transformation.  I just need to wax it to seal it in.

Then I moved onto checking the church accounts ahead of this  afternoon's meeting.  Everything was okay but now I needed to print some copies - no problems - I had just bought a new wifi printer.  So I set about setting the printer up - um - the wifi printer can't find the wifi so I apparently need a usb to usb lead that doesn't come with the printer - so the next few minutes sees me roaming the house trying to find one.  Eventually I give up, resigned to having to buy another lead when I next go into town and come back to the printer - which is now like an excited puppy saying "I've found the wifi - ha ha fooled you!!  grr!"

So, with paperwork printed and a lunch of jacket potato, I moved back into the conservatory to start cleaning the windows and move the second sofa into place.  All that is left to do down that end of the room is to finish cleaning the floor and side windows and the lay the rug.  Finally the set of drawers need to be painted and some nice scatter cushions to be made - I am getting there - honest!

After the church meeting, it was home to a slimming world ready meal ( a step above the norm), some afore mentioned floor cleaning and then the completion of this wall hanging.  I have some embroidery to do and then tomorrow night will back the hanging and satin stitch around the outside - job done!


  1. How did you ever manage to fit in teaching?

  2. Wow you DID have a productive day!! Are you painting all the dresser or leaving some of it natural? The embroidery looks great. Can't wait to see it all finished.

  3. Amazing!! I am really looking forward to seeing the whole thing completed. I really can't believe the dresser it has come up so well, I'm now trying to think of something I can paint with Chalk Paint!! Love the quilting as well. Xx

    1. Thank you - I can recommend it to give a new lease of live - what about that long bookcase upstairs?