Saturday, 20 June 2015

You're never too old to learn

Today Wendy and I went to another quilt show - there seems to be a theme to this blog doesn't there?  Fortunately for my purse it was a small show run by local quilters demonstrating their work and with little opportunity to spend my money - of course I managed to though!! 

More importantly the displays of work were both beautiful and educational.  I had been grappling with my table runner and how to attach the Dresden plate in the centre.  On one of the quilts I saw that they had attached the plate with a decorative static - which created a more three dimensional effect.  After I have copied the idea I will fill in the centre with a yoyo.  If all of these technical talk is a foreign language then I apologise - the runner should be finished tomorrow so will upload a photograph and explain then!

As you can see from the photos - the quilts were wonderful but there were some other ideas that might come in useful sometime!

We were home by noon - where I found that my neighbour had continued with the felling of his extremely tall conifers - what a treat - soon I will be able to see the sky rather than 30 feet conifers!!  However if I was to quilt this afternoon I had to get the right colour of thread - cue a turn around and trip into Grimsby with, of course, a pop in to Tesco on the way home.  No one warned me about the downside to retirement - Millie and Katie threating me with violence if they don't get their morning chews at coffee time!!!

Once home again it was time for lunch and a read of the newspaper in the conservatory - which, of course, led to a closing of the eyes - before attaching the afore mentioned Dresden plate and construction of the yoyo's.

Food wise I have been on plan again - with the exception of a thin slice of fruit cake at the quilt show.  The niggling toothache is better but still there - I guess an appointment will have to be made on Monday!


  1. Loving the look of all those quilting projects, so many clever people around!
    Seems to be a nap trend going on as well methinks :)

  2. Lots of lovely work, mind you I don't think you need any more ideas you have plenty to be going on with. Are you quilting again tomorrow? Xx

    1. Why - of course! I am hoping to finish the table runner - it's been unpicked a few times tonight so it's best to leave alone and start again tomorrow!