Saturday, 6 June 2015

Spalding Quilt Show

Today is a day that many quilters have in their diary - particularly in the East of the country - the Spalding Quilt Show.  Not only is it a patchwork and Quilting show - but it is situated next to Springfields outlet centre so you can escape for an hour or so, shop in the sunshine, eat lunch outside (with my friend Wendy pictured outside Costa Coffee), before going back for round two.  Now, you must understand, that we quilters take days like this really seriously, save up and then go armed with our shopping lists.  However you then get tempted and come back with more than you intended to!

In my defence the shoes and polo shirts are for my holiday and shouldn't count.  The selection of fat quarters at the front are for this runner which I will make for the table in the conservatory and the lightbox is for all the redwork that I do - saves taping things to the windows!!  The pattern for the three chickens is to decorate the newly painted dresser.

Last night I started the conservatory floor scrubbing - scrubbing each tile plus grout with a nail brush - can you see the difference yet?  This is an area with heavy traffic - particularly on behalf of the dogs in and out of the garden - and pitted floor tiles don't help.  However the grout was sealed which is proving to be extremely helpful.

Finally a family member has started her own blog - I am pleased to report - and can be found here.  please pop over and support her efforts.  Both of us are committed to adding an entry every day for a year - however boring our lives may be! 

So - I have come home, weeded for 15 minutes (Flylady says anything can be completed with a series of 15 minute efforts and that's my excuse) and then written this post.  Me thinks that I now need to charge my light box and have a play tonight before cutting out a chicken to make tomorrow.  (explanation will then follow!)  Have a great evening x


  1. You seem to have a lot of 'stuff'. You obviously had a good time. I have to say the tiles do look a lot better, how long is it going to take you to do them all? Xx

  2. Ooo, that is some undertaking....all those tiles...but how lovely it will look! Now you have started you will HAVE to finish! A numpty like me has no idea what a light box is....or redwork! Where have I been all these years!
    Haven't been able to see the chicken pic yet...hoping it shows soon!

  3. Me to! I can't see any chickens.